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Susan McCormick
Helping You Make the Right Decisions for a Successful Future.
Making decisions about your money will affect your whole life. We understand how complex and difficult your life and financial situation can be and that you might feel hesitant to take the next step. At Trusted Financial Education we're here to help make your next step a little easier and stress free. We believe that educating you about your options is the best way top help you make the next big decision in your life. If you're about to retire, retired or need a financial plan we can help get the right information so you can make the best choice for your financial future.
  • 30 Years' Experience
  • Former Wall Street Executive
  • Trusted & Secure Investments
  • Educating Clients with Investing
It's NEVER too late - Customized for YOUR needs and ability!
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Mortgage protection
  • Living Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Business Preservation
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Our Mission
Here at Trusted Financial Education, we are dedicated to empowering Middle America with their relationship with money through education, support and mentoring. After over 30 years on Wall Street, Susan McCormick left that world because she believes there is a much smarter approach to managing risk and building your future.

From finding strategies for creating an income you can't outlive, to building a legacy you can leave for your loved ones, Susan will provide you with solutions for managing risk and preparing for unforeseen obstacles that may lie ahead. She works with each individual, family and business in a one-on-one environment and develops personalized strategies for taking appropriate steps given your particular situation. Through educational events like Wine, Women & Wealth and Money 101, Susan can help others learn how money works.

TFE's Mission is to eradicate the epidemic of medical bankruptcy by empowering our clients through education.
Many clients have a false sense of security regarding what their health insurance will cover in the case of an illness; others don't know that Living Benefits exist to help them bridge that gap! TFE's aim is to inform and educate America about these unforeseen risks and how they can be mitigated, one client at a time.